The stories of Arlowe Wild

And his Granny Yai Yai

He’s a boy just like you, but his adventures are like no other

— Johnny Wild

Arlowe Wild and his Granny Yai Yai have adventures everywhere. Join them on their quest to rescue Mummy Holly, wherever she may be. They’ll take you to space, deep down, under the sea, over mountains and through jungles.

They’d love to have you by their side, wherever their adventures take them.

Hello, I’m Arlowe Wild

You may not know me or my Granny Yai Yai yet, but i’m hoping that over the coming months and years, you’ll get to know me and join me on some of my amazing adventures.

So, let me tell you a little about myself and my life.

I’m seven and a quarter years old and was born in a little town by the seaside in the south of England, called West Fargate.

  • Most of the time, I live with my Granny Yai Yai. She’s my best friend and helps me on my adventures. She’s very old and wrinkly, but brilliant fun and she laughs lots and lots.
  • Sometimes she gets things a little wrong as she’s not all that good with computers and stuff like we are.
  • She looks a lot like your granny, but has bright pink hair and can be a little trumpy every so often. That makes me laugh!
  • My Mummy Holly isn’t always at home as she’s a crazy adventurer and always seems to be away helping other people – but you’ll get that when you hear my stories!

All of the stories about my adventures are 100% real!

Here are the answers to a few more questions i’m often asked:

  • Sometimes it may look like we are in danger, but we’re really not as Granny Yai Yai knows everything and never takes risks.
  • She’s a brilliant cook and makes the tastiest food you’ve ever eaten. I love it when she makes space pizza!
  • Our family are originally from Greece, in Europe, which is where the name Yai Yai comes from as lots of people call their grannies, that name there.
  • My real name is honestly Arlowe Wild, but I have no idea why. I guess Mummy Holly just liked it!
  • I moved away from West Fargate when I was about three years old, but I still love it when I go back to visit there as they have one of those giant sea swimming pools and that’s where I learnt to swim.
  • When I was little, I met a crazy engineer called Rowland Emett in West Fargate who made amazing contraptions and he taught me a lot about how to take things apart and mend them, you’ll meet some of his contraptions along the way.
  • I love reading and my favourite author is Roald Dahl. My second favourite is David Walliams. I also love the Gruffalo and Where the Wild Things Are. I’ve just started reading the Harry Potter books and i think i’m going to like them a lot too as Harry’s adventures are brilliant.
  • Last year I went to a town called Oxford and visited a pub called the Bird and Baby. Lots of people have written stories for children there and it was brilliant. I was only allowed a glass of Orange Squash, but Granny Yai Yai had two sherries and giggled a lot afterwards.
  • I would like to write stories when I grow up.
  • For my real job, I’d like to become a teacher.
  • I also wish I was a wizard and taller.