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After personally trying and testing experiences and tours all across China, we’re excited to announce WildChina Day Experiences.

Hosted by our friends in the travel industry, these experiences are our favorite day tours in China. Together, we have created and curated these excursions to embody WildChina’s mission: to show the real China by fostering human-to-human connections and supporting locals.

We are honored to partner with these outstanding companies to bring this collection of unique experiences to WildChina travelers. WildChina Day Experiences can be booked individually or as an add-on to a larger WildChina trip. To book or inquire further, please contact us anytime! 


Day Experiences

Experience Beijing

The Celestial Capital


Day Experiences

Taste Shanghai

The Pearl of the East


Day Experiences

Bike Guangzhou

The City of Flowers


Day Experiences

Taste Chengdu

The capital of Chinese cuisine


The imperial capital, now home to an eclectic mix of historical landmarks and modern architectural marvels

Serving as China’s capital since the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368 AD), Beijing’s past present and future are forced together in the crowded neighborhoods and streets of the city.

But despite a divide between new and old, one thing about Beijing has remained constant for centuries: hard-handed political power, as well as thriving intellectual and artistic thought prominent in Beijing, continues to influence China and the world.

WildBeijing Experience
Great Wall of China

WildBeijing: Hiking the Great Wall – Jiankou to Mutianyu

Join us on a less-traveled section of this historic structure, as we hike along an eastern section of the Great Wall from Jiankou to Mutianyu.
WildBeijing Experience

WildBeijing Experience: Journey to the West

Come with us as we sweep you off to Beijing's western hills, to the tracks of the first Chinese built railway and a forgotten ancient trade route, all of which tell their own chapter of the capital's remarkable tale.
Unforgettable Experience

Haunted Beijing by Bizarre Beijing

Tour the spooky sites of Beijing, including haunted hutongs and other supernatural sights, including the blood soaked area around Caishikou Execution Grounds and cemeteries. Hear tales of Chinese Ghosts and learn practices for placating the spirits. 

The Dowager and the Dynasty: A Walk at Beijing’s Summer Palace

Walk around the beautiful lakeshores and garden hillsides of the Summer Palace while discussing the life and legacy of The Empress Dowager Cixi.

Old Beijing Dinner Tour

For dinner, try over 15 local dishes in a traditional Beijing hutong neighborhood.

Forbidden City Walking Tour

Learn the rich history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties while walking through the Forbidden City with a historian leading you on a mental and physical journey through history.

Temple of Heaven Walking Tour

Explore the Temple of Heaven complex on foot while learning its ritual and historical significance.

Barbarians, Rogues, and Rebels: The Story of Beijing’s Legation Quarter

Walk through time, as we head to Beijing’s former legation quarter, once the heart of the city’s foreign community, and straight into the center of Old Peking.
Beijing Traditional Breakfast Tour

Beijing Hutong Traditional Breakfast Tour

For breakfast, walk through the famous hutong alleyways of Beijing sampling some of the most authentic and delicious snacks the city has to offer.


Meet the old, the new and the foreign in this worldly economic and cultural center.

Once a mere backwater fishing village, the destiny and fortunes of Shanghai changed forever when the British opened their first concession here in 1842, followed soon after by the French and Japanese.

Shanghai today retains those charms in the tree-lined streets of the former French Concession and iconic banking houses along the Bund; at the same time, the urban bustle and multitudes of skyscrapers are a testament to Shanghai’s aspirations to be a major international metropolis.

Now the financial capital of China, Shanghai is a great place to check out the old, the new and the foreign in this worldly economic and cultural center.

The Bund Behind the Scenes Walking Tour

Dive into Shanghai’s Bund by exploring dozens of historically significant buildings and learning the history of Shanghai’s formal International Settlement and its foreign influences. 

Secrets of the Former French Concession Walking Tour

Learn about the “Paris of the East,” the former French Concession, on this guided walking tour.

Shanghai by Night Bike Tour

Hop on a vintage bicycle and explore a different side of Shanghai, the after-dark version.
Food Fans Favorite!

Shanghai Dumpling Tour & Cooking Class

This food tour includes both a sampling of local dumplings, plus the opportunity to try your hand at making them yourself with a one-hour cooking lesson finale.
Food Fans Favorite!

Shanghai Night Eats Tour

Shanghai attracts millions of migrants who bring their local culinary traditions and ingredients with them. As the sun sets, explore the best local and regional cuisines the city has to offer.

Shanghai Street Eats Breakfast Tour

On this breakfast food tour of Shanghai, see how the locals spend their morning commutes, stopping for quick (but delicious) breakfasts along the way.

Morning Discovery of Shanghai Bike Tour

Discover a whole different side of Shanghai by cycling through the city on a vintage bicycle.


The powerful Pearl River divides an endless expanse of towering modern skyscrapers in China's third largest city.

 As China’s third-largest city and the capital of Guangdong province, this southern city is a booming metropolis where a colorful patchwork of cutting-edge architecture and colonial-era buildings line the narrow, verdant streets.

However, Guangzhou’s impressive population belies the city’s way of life, with much of the megacity still humming along at a pleasantly relaxed pace. Culturally diverse and gastronomically rich, there is no shortage of atmospheric streets to wander or plates of dim sum to devour.

Into the Wild – Cycle Tour of the Guangzhou Countryside

Ride through rice fields, bamboo forests, ancient villages, and rolling mountains of Guangzhou’s northern Zengcheng district on this countryside cycle tour.

Art and Vélo – Cycle Tour of Guangzhou

Get funky on this hip tour in Guangzhou's culturally-rich Dongshankou neighborhood, where East meets West. 

Old to New – Hidden Gems Cycle Tour of Guangzhou

Cycle off-the-beaten track and deep into the heart of Guangzhou on this award-winning 'Old to New - Hidden Gems' Tour.

Xiguan & Across the River – Cycle Tour of Guangzhou

Get a feel for the local’s Guangzhou alongside the hidden history only locals know about. On this tour, we will cycle through markets, temples, wedding dress markets, former opium dens, and the Pearl River.


Welcome to the home of the adorable, cuddly giant pandas and capital of Chinese cuisine.

Located in the heart of eastern Sichuan, Chengdu is the capital of this southwestern province. Geographic and political remoteness have always contributed to the free-spirited nature of the Sichuan people, and the modern cosmopolitan nature of Chengdu reflects this.

As the economic hub of Southwestern China, but also the home to a large, thriving community of students and intellectuals, Chengdu embodies liberal thinking and progressiveness across a wide range of interests and pursuits. Chengdu’s identity as a thriving metropolis, epicenter for preserving Giant Pandas, and source for some of Sichuan’s most delicious cuisine, makes it one of the most interesting cities to visit in China.

Chengdu Cooking Class

Chengdu Cooking Class

Embark on a guided exploration of a local spice market searching for a list of ingredients and spices soon to be used in the recipe for the upcoming cooking class. After, walk through the back streets to discover a hidden gem - a traditional Sichuan courtyard restaurant where your newly acquired ingredients and spices will […]

The Chengdu Food Tour

Chengdu is a food-lovers paradise; colorful spice arrays, bubbling hot pot, and hidden hole-in-the-wall eats await. Experience The Chengdu Food Tour!

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Our favorite day experiences hosted
by our friends in the travel industry in China

We’ve partnered with the best tour companies throughout China to bring you day-long “City Experiences.” Our partners have years of experience showing visitors an authentic and wild side of China, even in some of the biggest international cities in the world.

Chengdu Food Tour

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