Health and Safety

Safety is, and always has been, our number one priority. We will not operate your journey if we are aware of any risks. Customization is also our specialty. If there is anything we can do to make you feel more at ease when traveling, please don’t hesitate to let your travel designer know.

Travel Advisory


Face masks and hand sanitizer: All of our staff will have masks on-hand for the duration of your journey will be carrying hand sanitizer that is at least 65% alcohol proof at all times.

In trip illness or other emergency situation: We have a full incident response protocol for any in-trip emergencies. We also collect health/travel insurance and emergency contact information for each of our travelers before departure. If you fall ill on your journey, your guide will escort you to the nearest international-standard hospital and assist you with communicating with the health professionals on site. 


Hotels & Vehicles: Beyond the government requirements, we also personally audit each hotel and vehicle provider (land and water transport) that you’ll be using on your trip to ensure our standards are met and that we, and you, know exactly what to expect.

Activities: For all non-conventional activities we conduct an in-depth safety audit to ensure our standards are met. Right now we have specific audits for: zip-lines and slack-lines; kayaking, canoeing and rafting; rock climbing and via ferattas; cycling; trekking; and horse/camel riding. We also continue to add new audits as we and you find new limits to push and experiences to try. Please rest assured that we have confirmed the safety, all you need to do is have the fun!

High-altitude Travel: If you are traveling to a high-altitude region (2,500m+ (8,000 feet+) above sea level), your travel designer will brief you on what to expect and how to prepare. If at any point you have (or suspect you have) altitude sickenss, your guide will escort you to a medical facility to receive treatment. If the onset is acute, your travel designer will assist with booking you on the next flight/train out, to get you back to a more comfortable elevation as soon as possible.


On the Ground

If you feel unwell, let us know: If you feel unwell at any point of your journey, please let us know. We’ll quickly escort you to a local international-standard hospital so that you can receive the appropriate medical care.

Flexibility and patience: If there are any unexpected changes to your itinerary, at your behest or due to force majure, our team will work with you to find a suitable alternative to ensure an amazing, seamless experience, regardless of any changes.