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The year 2023 has officially become the year when China re-opened to the world after three enduring years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting from March 15th, all categories of visas are again open for application and visa-free policies have also resumed. More details on country-specific Chinese visa applications can be found on the Chinese embassy website in your country of residence.  


How to enter China in 2023

The entire procedure of entering the country has been simplified as well. As of August 30th, pre-entry covid tests and proof of vaccination are no longer required. There are also no testing requirements after arrival in China.  

A health declaration form, however is required. This can be accessed through either the China Customs’ WeChat mini-program (see below QR code) the China Custom’s app, or website. (Update: Starting from November 1st, a health declaration is no longer required to enter China).

How to Enter China in 2023

If you get COVID-19 before or during your trip to China

• If you test positive for COVID-19 before your flight, you should postpone your trip and wait until you test negative before traveling. 

• If you report any symptoms on the health declaration form, you may be taken for additional testing. 

• If you test positive for COVID-19 while in China, you should self-isolate at your place of stay.  

• If you have severe symptoms, seeking medical help is advised. 

Remember, it is highly recommended to purchase medical insurance before traveling to China. 

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Are there any restrictions on traveling within China?

China has removed all domestic travel restrictions, granting travelers unrestricted movement across provincial and regional borders. COVID-19 tests and health codes are no longer required. 

For more information on current travel advisories, please visit the travel advisory page of our website

How to exit China

Occasionally a separate health declaration will be required upon exiting China. We recommend filling this out prior to exiting in case the authorities on site request it. (Update: Starting from November 1st, a health declaration is no longer required to exit China).