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Travel will always be our first love, but we've spread our wings, taking our creative, sustainable experiences to new horizons as we soar into the future.


WildChina’s Leisure Travel team caters to the curious, the world wanderers, and the wild travelers.  We offer socially responsible, off-the-beaten-path adventures tailored to the desires of our leisure, education, and corporate clients.

Our award-winning teams plan each journey with the knowledge that our visitors expect the highest level of attention and care.  We create journeys and experiences that cross the borders of geography and knowledge, challenging preconceptions and inspiring new stories.

Corporate Services and Events

WildChina Corporate Services is passionate about connecting people, fostering innovation, building communities, and igniting change. For the last ten years, we’ve been continuously designing award-winning meetings and conferences for groups of all sizes and backgrounds.

As event specialists, we’ve worked with groups as small as 10 and as large as 1,000. We’ve held events in the furthest reaches of China, and beyond. And, we’ve had the pleasure of serving the world’s most influential corporations and foundations while doing so. 


At WildChina Education we believe so many high-impact, lasting, and valuable lessons for life can be learned outside of the classroom, and we are proud to work with hundreds of the world’s leading educators who feel the same. 

We challenge ourselves to think differently and scaffold unique learning experiences that range from wilderness survival excursions to economic shark tanks to longitudinal, bi-lateral, service-learning projects.

(Chinese Language Services)

碧山 (beshan) is our Chinese leisure travel department. Beshan’s team pushes the boundaries of travel both inside and outside China, bringing the most intrepid of China’s domestic travelers to all corners of the globe.

From camel trekking in the Sahara to high-altitude Himalayan road trips through Tibet, there is no journey too far-fetched for the intrepid beshan traveler.

Consulting Services

WildChina consulting provides services to government-run and privately-run companies and foundations in the experiential, events and travel sectors who are seeking lasting and marked improvements to their performance in China’s market (and beyond).

Travel Industry

Our on-the-ground experience in the industry and our position as a leading travel service firm in China gives us the unique position and insight to offer pragmatic solutions and advice. Our consulting portfolio includes projects with the Chinese government on developing sustainable tourism locales, including restoration work and community platforming; and projects with international firms on strategizing effective entries to the China market, including Chinese marketing solutions and sales support, balancing efficacy with cost-efficiency.

Our goal with WildChina consulting is the same as our firm’s: to promote sustainability in travel to foster a healthy industry with cultural and environmental success at its heart.

Social Media Marketing in China

Despite having the world’s largest social media market with over a billion users, to rest of the world, the Chinese social media sphere is largely considered an enigma, with language and geo-barriers effectively shrouding it in mystery to those outside China.

In late 2020 WildChina founder Mei Zhang started posting on China’s social media platform Little Red Book (RED) and has since gained influencer status with over 500k followers and counting. Across both Little Red Book (小红书) and WeChat Channels (视频号) Mei now has a combined followership of over 1 million.

Please get in touch to learn more about our Chinese social media consulting and brand/product promotion services.

Cultural Projects & Spaces

WildChina is invested in cultivating sustainable cultural spaces in China. Our goal is to celebrate local landscapes, cultures and traditions by creating spaces in which they can thrive and receive full, undivided appreciation.


NOWHERE is an immersive pop-up experience featuring curated natural scenes that transcend expectation – from a quiet forest past a meandering river to the solitude of a remote temple – to present a unique, time-limited, sensory-flow event and experience. NOWHERE’s founding belief is that humans and nature are inherently inseparable; by losing touch with the natural world we also lose touch with our true selves.

WildChina Studio Songyang

As part of our efforts to revive the rural Zhejiang village of Songyang into a sustainable, eco-tourism friendly destination, we took on the challenge of preserving the beauty of a traditional folk home and repurposing it into a contemporary café and studio space. The finished result is a harmonious blend of old and new, showcasing the rustic charm of the original home while transforming the building into a functional, modern space for local community events and exhibitions.

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